Have you thought about what your day-to-day life might be like if you weren’t tied to your phone, checking notifications, scanning through people’s profiles or simply posting about your every move? Whilst being a wonderful way to interact with the companies and people we’re interested in, social media also has a hold on us that becomes addictive and can be very harmful, especially when we use it to compare ourselves to others.

A detox allows us to detach from these obsessions and reconnect with those around us on a more personal level. You can find out more about the benefits of social media detox here. If you’re thinking about doing one but not sure where to start, follow the steps below:

Uninstall all your social media apps

Deleting your social media apps will enable you to completely remove yourself from your accounts without actually deleting them – meaning you can always come back to it later! Uninstalling the apps removes the temptation of filling your spare timing with continuous scrolling as well as the distraction of notifications.

Separate your work and personal

Sometimes your work might require you to access your company’s social media accounts. You can still stick to your detox by keeping these accounts separate and by pre-scheduling your posts so that you don’t need to keep logging in.

Don’t take your electronics to bed

Although a hard habit to break, detoxing from social media will also help you to sleep better. Avoid night-time scrolling by leaving your phone, tablet or other electronic devices elsewhere in the house. Not only will you find it easier getting to sleep but you’ll also feel more refreshed in the mornings.

Replace social media with another activity

You’ll have more time on your hands if you’re not using social media to aimlessly stalk the lives of others. Make use of this time by taking up a hobby or spending time socialising with those around you as opposed to those the other side of a screen. This will stop you from craving your social media accounts.

Put your phone away at dinner

There’s nothing worse than someone who can’t disengage from their phone long enough to hold a conversation over the dinner table. Make time for those around you and engage in regular family activities such as eating meals together, without the distractions of your social media feed.

Have you tried a social media detox? Let us know in the comments.

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