With so much to juggle on a daily basis in your busy setting, the importance of staff training can be easily overlooked. However, holding regular training sessions can have a really positive effect on your team which goes beyond developing staff knowledge – in fact, it can help you retain good quality practitioners. We explore some of the benefits below:

1.It raises staff morale

Having high morale in your team is what keeps your practitioners smiling through tough times, long hours or exhausting days. If staff members feel they’re stagnating in their role, productivity can decrease. You can encourage higher levels of motivation in your team simply by addressing the training needs of your staff.

2.It helps keep children safe

According to a report by the Department for Education, over 621,000 children in England were referred to social care services in the year ending 31st March 2016. Making sure that your team undergoes regular refresher training means that they’ll be able to act quickly to identify and address concerns about vulnerable children.

 3.It helps children’s attainment

An Early Provision of Pre-School Education (EPPE) study cited by Save the Children showed that good quality, graduate-led, childcare has particular benefits for boys and for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The study showed that children who attended high quality early education settings saw benefits to their literacy, language, and mathematics as well as in their social and behavioural skills.

4.It reduces staff turnover

Many childcare providers in our “Biggest Challenge” survey said that they had problems with developing the confidence and self-belief of many of their practitioners. By investing in appropriate, regular training opportunities for all your staff members, they’ll develop greater confidence in their abilities and will realise that you’re the kind of employer who is investing in their personal development. The upshot? They’ll want to stay!

5.It enhances your setting’s reputation

Who wouldn’t want to work for an employer who is committed to training their staff? Providing regular training opportunities for your employees will help you attract and retain high quality practitioners, who are serious about progressing their career in childcare.  It will also give both parents and Ofsted peace of mind that you’re continually striving for improved outcomes for your children.

Rather than seeing staff training as something that needs to be ticked off the list, providers should embrace all opportunities for their staff members to learn and improve their practice.  With so many benefits for your setting and your children, isn’t it time you put regular staff training back on the agenda?

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