Our Customer Service Team picked their top reports in our nursery software which they believe are the most useful for childcare settings to be aware of. Find out more about what these are and how to generate them, below.

1. Revenue Report

"This report was one that we built by popular request and has since become really widely generated. It can be found in the Reports > Finance section. This report, as the name suggests, will provide you with your total revenue, combining the income from invoices you have produced within the date range you select, along with the reclaim value you are able to claim from your local authority; deducting discounts and credit notes." - Rosie

2. Free Entitlement Summary Report

"The free entitlement summary report is a really useful report when it comes to ensuring all children have the correct amount of funded hours booked within any given period, as well as comparing the monetary amount you are able to claim back from your local authority, against the amount you would normally charge for the hours that you are giving as free entitlement. This report is within Reports > Finance." - Tommy

3. Future Fees Report

"This report can be found at the top of Reports > Finance. This is probably one of our most requested reports, in that our customers need a way of seeing the information this report provides, without knowing it exists. The Future Fees Report will give you a detailed breakdown of the income you can expect to receive for future months, based on the information booked within Abacus. This report can be run for a month, quarterly, half yearly and even annually. However, this report does not take free entitlement into consideration." - Amy

4. Payment Receipts List

"The payment receipts list can be found in Reports > Finance. This report can be used for a few different reasons. One issue a lot of our customers come across is the allocation of payments, and ensuring it’s all up to date. The payment receipts list, when ran for ‘Advanced Payments’, will provide you with a list of all payments that have been added to children’s accounts that have not yet been allocated, saving you all the time spent scrolling through children manually, trying to find unallocated payments." - Tommy

5. Aged Balance Report Monthly Outstanding

"This report can be found in the Reports > Finance section and is a great facility for seeing what outstanding debt you have. The report will break down the outstanding fees, showing you the child’s balance, their current month’s outstanding debt, and any debt that is still outstanding from 1 month, 2 months, 3 months and more than 3 months ago." - Amy

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