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Forest Row Community Pre-School prides themselves on the strong community links that support the Pre-School. The children at Forest Row Pre-School have always been encouraged to join events with the local seniors club and other village activities. Over the past year they have increased these visits and seen lots of joy from young and old alike. The big event for this term is the first joint Annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

The children were so excited in the morning, they spent time making party hats and talking about what would happen later. It is a really valuable opportunity, especially for children with few older role models in their lives. The Pre-School forms other close links in the community through an active outings programme and many visitors, which include Young Epilepsy volunteers reading to the children once a week.

The Pre-School feel they are incredibly lucky to be part of such a close-knit community and watching these events unfold has been truly heart-warming. They are grateful to Ralph’s Café for their support in this by providing free cakes and biscuits and Co-Op for juice and water, as a charity they work hard to pay for all the activities they carry out and couldn’t do this without the kindness and generosity of local businesses and individuals.

Supervisor Jade Turnbull-Allen said: “It’s a joy to have the Pre-School involved in community events and vital to our continuation here. We are lucky to have made some really strong connections the children can only benefit from. We are teaching the children to be contributing members of the community and the value of others, hopefully this will continue on throughout life once leaving us for ‘big’ school. We are incredibly grateful to all the local organisations and individuals that support us.”

Sara Smart, Community Services Officer said: “The afternoon was enjoyed greatly by all our Thursday Club members and their Teddy Bears, we would like to thank Jade for organising this lovely event with the Pre- School children. Being able to bring together these ‘bookend generations’ brings great joy to both the elderly and the young. In a society where families can be separated by distance or busy lives it is increasingly important that we take the time to bring these two generations together. Forest Row Parish Council are keen to encourage all intergenerational activities as a way to help combat loneliness and social isolation.”



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