Amaze Early Education Centre has installed a fire pit to help teach toddlers to be aware of risks.  The childcare centre has introduced ‘risky play’ and has added a fire pit to help children learn about the hazards of fire.

The University of Newcastle has found in a study that ‘risky play’ helps teach children how to be aware of – and avoid – potentially dangerous situations. 

The centre claims that all parents are on board and they have not received one complaint.

The children will be able to cook sausages and marshmallows over the fire, all while learning about fire safety.

“We expected critics, but there has not been one,” Amaze director Lucy Cook stated.

“From the response we have had so far, parents are crying out for experiences that replicate real life and challenge children. 

“They are supporting the backlash against screen time and too much bubble wrap.” 

The sixty children who attend the centre have slowly been introduced to fire, knives and power tools to play with, all under adult supervision. The ages of the children range from six months to five years.

The older children even built a clubhouse by themselves at the end of the program.

“These days, there’s a tendency for parents and guardians to shelter children from risks that past generations were readily exposed to,” said Associate Professor Linda Newman.

“Things like playing out in the street or climbing trees are often avoided, but these activities can be vital in shaping a child’s perception of the world and how they approach risk, ultimately building resilience in adulthood.”

It was added that teaching ‘risky play’ in a safe environment with adult supervision will help children learn to take risks when an adult is present, rather than taking risks on their own.

Amaze Early Education Centre has locations throughout the Gold Cost and prides itself on being a place that teaches children through activities.

The playground features movable and interchangeable parts that can help teach children how to solve problems and assess dangerous situations.

Amaze’s website states that the centre’s mission is to provide an education that ‘prepares, inspires and motivates children to be inquirers and explorers on their leading journey’.

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