Preparing for the new term can be filled with excitement and anticipation. But how can you use your time constructively and purposefully to start things off on the right foot? Put your preparation and organisational skills to the test using our 7 top tips below.

  1. Refresh your bulletin board

Your bulletin board is the perfect place to put up photos of the previous year’s children enjoying themselves and doing activities that your current year group will also get to do. Dress up your board with colourful fabric or other interesting focal points so it attracts the attention of children and parents alike.

  1. Clear out last term’s clutter

Spend a few days or evenings giving your room a makeover, as this will help set the tone for the new term. Classrooms are inspiring learning spaces for little minds, as such, make sure you clear out any clutter and take a fresh look at the displays and learning resources you have around the room to check that they can still motivate your children.

  1. Consider your room arrangement

You can recharge the energy of a room by considering a new layout. Think about things like – are there any desks in the glare of bright sunshine at different times of the day? Can you move freely and easily around the room? Do you need to make special arrangements for children with additional needs?

  1. Create a welcome letter

Preparing a welcome letter/pack which is mailed out a few weeks before the start of term can really help parents feel less anxious about their child’s first day. You could include information about what children normally do on their first day of school, a curriculum overview, how your setting communicates with parents, as well as any adult volunteer opportunities.

  1. Get active online

Now is the perfect time to create a profile on Twitter or LinkedIn and start following other inspiring early years teachers and organisations. You’ll be able to build up a network of contacts from who you can borrow useful ideas and resources, which will help your own continuing professional development (CPD).

  1. Test drive new software

If you’ve been thinking about trying nursery management or EYFS tracker software, the summer is the perfect time to line up a free demonstration. Prepare a list of questions regarding what the software can do and what you’d like to get from it. You could have this ready by the time the new term starts and hit the ground running!

  1. Prepare a ‘go-to’ music list

The first few weeks of any new term will exhausting – with new names to learn, new children to settle in, parents to get to know and much more besides. Create a playlist with your favourite music which you can listen to on your commute to/from work and during your breaks. This will help to calm you down when you’re feeling burnt out.

How do you prepare for the new term? Share your tips with us at marketing@parenta.com

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