Little Elms Daycare in Croydon was found to be changing children’s nappies where food is stored. Following the recent Ofsted inspection on July 5, the nursery was deemed ‘inadequate’ in all areas.

The report also states that there was ‘ineffective safeguarding’ procedures from the management team and the quality of teaching was not up to standard.

The report added: “Staff do not ensure that food is stored hygienically.

“For instance, they use adjacent counter tops for changing children’s nappies and for food storage, and they leave the food containers open. These arrangements significantly compromise children’s health and well-being.”

The nursery is in the process of appealing the report; they currently employ 26 members of staff.

The report added: “The key-person system is inadequate. Young children do not have consistent opportunities to relate to their key person and build settled relationships.

“The management team does not ensure that staff deploy themselves effectively to meet the needs of all children and to help support their uninterrupted learning.

“The manager does not monitor staff practice sufficiently. The quality of teaching is not fully effective and children are not continually stimulated in their learning.

“At times, they are not engaged and display behaviours that put them at risk. Not all children make sufficient progress from their starting points.

“Self-evaluation is ineffective. The management team does not take swift action to address weaknesses. This has also resulted in breaches of the Childcare Register.”

The nursery was praised for helping children build their ‘creative skills’ but there was still a number of requirements they needed to meet, this included hygiene requirements around the storage of food and drink.

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