The Autumn Equinox (also known as Mabon or Harvest Home) is a Pagan festival which is celebrated when day and night are of equal duration. For those who celebrate this festival, it’s an opportunity to give thanks for the earth’s abundant harvest and to literally and figuratively ‘reap what you sow’.

Up until 22nd September, the hours of daylight are greater than the hours from dusk to dawn. But after this point, the reverse holds true. The Autumn Equinox marks the change in season as summer ends and autumn begins.

There are many ways to celebrate and this can include:

1.Capturing the change in seasons

The Autumn Equinox is a time for creative inspiration, as the change in seasons can be captured with writing and photographs.  You could assemble apples, leaves, pinecones and root vegetables to draw or create artwork with the children. Objects with the colours of gold, orange, red, bronze, and rust tie in with the Autumn Equinox theme.

2.Giving to those less fortunate

Many count this time of year as a time of thanks and blessings and because of that, it seems like a good time to give to those less fortunate. Why not ask parents to bring canned food or other non-perishable items to donate to a local food bank or homeless shelter?

3.Getting into garden care

After summer’s harvest, your garden area may need some care to prepare it for the colder months ahead.  It’s the ideal time to plant some crops which flourish during autumn or even into winter, such as broad beans, asparagus, onions, spinach and cabbage.

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