Many childcare facilities in Miami-Dade County have been damaged by Hurricane Irma and forced to suspend their operations. Now, fundraising has begun to get them fixed and open again.

Due to the damage, many facilities have not been able to reopen; this is according to the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade and Monroe (ELC). They have also set up fundraising efforts to help the facilities open their doors as soon as possible, and to help deal with the stress that the storm has left behind.

“The impact of not being able to reopen is far-ranging,” organisation officials explained. “Childcare is the second biggest obstacle to adults returning to work after a disaster. For most families, not being able to leave their children at a child care facility means not being able to go back to work, and with a significant portion of the workforce making hourly wages, the financial impacts are immense and potentially long-lasting.”

The facilities damaged included My Little Angels Daycare Centre in Homestead and Excel Kids Academy in Miami Gardens. The playground at Excel Kids was destroyed and they suffered water damage to the classroom areas. More than a dozen families using the centre have lost childcare.

The Early Learning Coalition supports school readiness of over 50,000 children from birth to 12 years old with a variety of activities and learning programs.

Visit the Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief fundraising page to help childcare providers get back on their feet.

Have you got involved with any fundraising to help those affected by Hurricane Irma?

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