Every update you make to your website affects the way search engines interact with and rank your site. Frequent updates with fresh, original content will help your site rank much higher on Google and keep visitors coming back.

Conversely, a website which is infrequently (or never) updated will be viewed by search engines as ‘dead’. Why does this matter? It means that your website will rank much further down in the search results than any of your competitors who regularly update their pages.

Here, we explore some of the key reasons why you need to keep updating your website content regularly:

  1. Google loves a regularly updated site

83.9% of all internet searches are carried out by search engine giant Google. This equates to 4,464,000,000 a day! Therefore, when you find out Google’s algorithms take into account the frequency that a website is updated, it’s a sure sign that you need to sit up and take notice.

A website which is updated at least 2-3 times per week is considered a frequently updated website by Google. However, the content needs to be original, reliable and of good quality.  By far the easiest way to provide fresh content is by having a blog on your website. Visitors’ comments count as an update on your site, so publish articles which will engage your audience and invite people to share their opinions.

  1. Good quality content increases the duration of a visit

The most obvious reason for you to update your website on a regular basis is to give your visitors a reason to keep coming back. If a visitor comes to your website and finds your pages haven’t been updated for many years, they can’t be sure your business is still active. Most likely, they will drop off your site fairly quickly.

Conversely, a website which is regularly updated with relevant articles is likely to lead to an increase in the average amount of time a visitor spends browsing your pages. One of the most important ranking factors which Google takes into account is the duration of a visit.

  1. Regular updates result in frequent indexing by Google

To get better Google search results, you need to understand a little more about how search engines work. Google uses webs crawlers (known as Googlebots) which scan the internet. These Googlebots index the relevance of your website in relation to a searcher’s query. So, the more frequently you update your website with fresh content, the more frequently these bots will be able to index your site. The result? You’ll have more opportunities to achieve higher rankings, as your website position will be reassessed regularly.

It’s worth noting, however, that your website’s ranking on Google will be the result of a combination of other factors. These factors include the use of relevant keywords, the number of incoming links to the site and the quality of the content you publish.

You may have heard the saying “Content is King” and this certainly is the case if you’d to rank higher on Google. When considering how to optimise your website for search engines, regularly publishing good quality content really cannot afford to be overlooked.

Your website’s content will help determine how often your visitors come back, how you’re perceived as an authority in your industry and how often Google indexes your site. It’s also an easy way to increase your Google ranking for free! With so many considerable benefits, why not create a blog for your website today?

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