On Thursday 5th October, trustee Marie Kershaw travelled to Uganda. As part of her visit, Marie called in at some of the Parenta Trust schools to hand-deliver letters to the children from their sponsors back in the UK.

The purpose of her visit was twofold: to visit the children but also to see how money from her grandfather’s estate had been used to help Nyakabale nursery school in Kasese.

Marie said: “I bought some cows using money left from the sale of goods from my granddad’s house after he had to move into a home last year. My family wanted something that would help the children, as well as it being something meaningful to my grandparents.

“My granddad is British and my nan was German and they met and married during WW2. They had both experienced what life was like with a shortage of food.Cows in Uganda

“Our fourth nursery was the most in need and so it was arranged for our money to be spent there. It bought a small piece of land, 3 cows, 1 bull, their shelter, vet bills for a year, food and salts, and seed to grow their own feed.”

When asked how the animals would benefit the school, the headmaster said that they would use the milk for the children’s daily porridge. He added that he hopes to produce more cows by the time Marie visits again.

The Parenta Trust is committed to providing life-changing opportunities for disadvantaged children in Africa. Having completed the build of 4 nurseries in just fours years, the charity is making plans to break ground on their fifth nursery in Karamoja, northeastern Uganda.

You can support the Parenta Trust by making a donation, sponsoring a child in a Parenta Trust school or taking part in a fundraising event.

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