Bright Kids Nursery group is appealing for support to buy defibrillators for use in its 3 settings in Redditch, Studley and Northfield.

The nursery group is also raising money to have a publicly accessible defibrillator installed in Studley town centre for use by the local community.

They have set a fundraising goal of £3,250 to buy the life-saving equipment.

£1500 covers the cost of having a defibrillator at each nursery; an additional £1500 will cover the cost of installing a public defibrillator in Studley.

An extra £250 needs to be raised for the Crowdfunder fee.

All defibrillators would be automatic and therefore no specific training is needed to use the machines as it does most of the work.

A spokesman for the nursery group said: “There is no doubting that a defibrillator can only be a good addition for our nurseries and the local community.

“Whether your donation is £5, £10 or more… every donation will be a massive contribution towards our goal of buying a defibrillator and helping to keep our nurseries and community safe.

“For every donation, there are rewards as our way of saying thank you. These include a personal thank you, a certificate, or a shout out on our Facebook page.”

So far, the group has raised more than £700 towards their target.

To help or find out more, visit Bright Kids’ fundraising page.

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