Ofsted expects childcare practitioners to keep their knowledge up to date and strive to continually improve their practice. However, finding the time and money for staff training on a tight budget and an even tighter schedule means that this can be difficult.  It’s therefore doubly important that, when staff training has been arranged, it’s cost-effective and it delivers the desired outcomes.

So, what can you do to lay the groundwork for a great training session?

Try accredited online courses as a small group

There is a whole host of accredited courses available online. If settings can deliver this training in small groups during quieter times (or even during staff meetings), so much the better. You can run through the course together but have each team member take a test at the end. This means that you can train the whole team, using an accredited course, for a fraction of the cost.

Ask managers to attend the training with staff

If staff members see their line managers attend the training, they’re more likely to be willing to apply what they’ve learnt during the session. This is especially true if they see managers trying to model the new skills or knowledge they’ve picked up as a result of the training.

Train people in skills immediately applicable to the job

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” To help staff retain the knowledge from their training, it can be useful to set up situations in which practice is immediate, relevant and “hands-on”. When implementing new software, training is often more effective if staff are able to experiment with the program before attending the session.

Find an experienced and knowledgeable trainer

This sounds obvious, however, participants react more favourably to trainers who themselves have overcome the challenges highlighted in the training they’re delivering. Equally, the more closely the trainer can relate the course to real-life experience, the more likely it will be that staff retain the information.

Delivering good quality training in a childcare setting environment is undoubtedly a huge challenge. However, with some creative thinking and by using the tips listed above, you can ensure that you lay the groundwork for an effective and productive training session.

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