Every month, we put the spotlight on a member of the Parenta team. This time around it’s Dan Nightingale, our Customer Experience Manager. Dan makes sure that all our customers receive the ‘remarkable’ experience that Parenta is striving to deliver.

Readers may interact with Dan and his team if they have Parenta nursery software and require support or advice on how to get the most out of using the system.

What’s your role within Parenta?

My role at Parenta is the Customer Experience Manager and I work with the Customer Experience Team. We deal with customer queries relating to our nursery management software, Abacus, as well as Footsteps and Dayshare. On a daily basis, I review the team’s performance and, with their help, identify areas which cause us the most problems and try to come up with a solution. I also try to support all other areas of the business and look to see how we can overcome some of the issues customers may be facing.

What does ‘customer experience’ mean to you?

Customer experience is any interaction that the customer, internal or external, has with the Parenta brand. Here at Parenta, we aim to make our customers’ experience nothing short of remarkable. As a team, we’d like to ensure that the customer understands that our focus is on making their lives easier. We’re here to support them in any way possible. After they’ve interacted with us, the customer should feel delighted and be happy to engage with us again and again in the future.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

For me, the most rewarding part of my role is having a team that is committed to making such a positive difference to our customers. The main reason we get queries is that the customer doesn’t know how to do something and this, understandably, can cause them to become frustrated. Once the team speak to the customer and helps them to resolve the issue, we have a very happy customer at the end of it. You can hear in their voice that they’re grateful for our help and that we’ve taken a weight off their shoulders. I really enjoy this part of the role.

What makes the experience of a Parenta customer ‘remarkable’ in your opinion?

To me, ‘remarkable’ is defined as being thought-provoking and providing something that is so unique that it defines you as a business. By working with each area of the business and sharing our ideas and experiences of what ‘remarkable’ looks like, I hope we can deliver something to all our customers which makes them say, “Wow, that was amazing!”

How do you plan to take your team forward in terms of making improvements in 2018? 

The biggest improvement we’d like to make in 2018 is launching a more interactive ‘Voice of the Customer’ scheme. If you haven’t heard of ‘Voice of the Customer’, it’s basically a way in which all our customers can let us know what does and doesn’t work for them and we, in turn, provide them with feedback on their ideas. This is a great way to help us improve how we interact with our customers and will ensure that the service we deliver adds the most value.

As we move into 2018, I also plan to spend more time with the whole business and not just the staff at Maidstone. I’d like to look more closely at how we, as Parenta, interact with our customers as a business to ensure we deliver a remarkable service.

Tell us something about yourself which most people don’t know?

I can only really think of embarrassing moments, as I’m quite an open person! I have a lot of family up in Scotland and when I was a young lad I went up there to see my great-grandmother who was 98 and in a nursing home. Whilst we were there, she was telling the other residents about me in a thick Scottish accent, which to me was just white noise. One of the ladies grabbed my hand and asked me if I was a ‘wee lass’. Now I had no idea what this meant, so I replied “yes” and she smiled from ear to ear and let go of my hand. It was only when I was back in my parents’ car that I asked them what it meant and it turns out this sweet little old lady had just asked me if I was a girl, to which I replied “yes”!




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