Cardwell Garden Centre in Glasgow has been donating bulbs to nurseries, schools and community groups. The staff at Knightswood Early Years Centre did not hesitate to take up the offer as now the children can start planting the bulbs in the wooden planters in their playground.

The staff hope that there will be a burst of colour in the next few weeks as the bulbs start to grow.

Liz Rowan, head of Knightswood Early Years Centre said: “It’s really kind of Cardwell to donate the two sacks of bulbs and the compost.

“The youngsters will really enjoy getting their hands dirty when they plant the bulbs.

“Outdoor learning is a priority for us and we’ve been telling them all about eco systems and growing plants.

“We’ve already grown potatoes and carrots and made soup with the vegetables when they had grown.”

Paul Carmichael, who is the regional general manager at Cardwell Garden Centre said: “It was fantastic to see how excited the kids were when we delivered the sacks of bulbs.

“It’s a great idea to teach the youngsters about planting vegetables and flowers at an early age and I’m sure they’ll be watching to see how the flowers are growing.”

The garden centre handed out free bulbs to a dozen local schools, nurseries, churches and community groups.

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