Parents have been left fuming after an Aberdeen nursery has shut its doors, providing just 48 hours’ notice of the impending closure.

On Monday last week, Timber Kinder Garden Nursery informed parents they would be closing on the Wednesday as they collected their children from the setting. This left just 48 hours for parents to find alternate care.

Speaking of the setting and its closure, one parent said: “The girls that work there put their hearts and souls into that place and they are all left without jobs. A lot of parents are upset and angry.”

Owned by Seaton Community Enterprise, the nursery was set up 25 years ago and in a recent surprise visit by the Care Inspectorate, the facility was branded “weak” in terms of quality of care.

One of the directors, Ian Will, said of the recent events: “For a number of years now, mainly as a result of the economic downturn in Aberdeen, the nursery business, like many others, has suffered.

“The nursery at Seaton has not escaped these financial pressures and despite intense efforts by staff and board members, the enterprise has been unable to turn the economics of the business model around.”

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