In March, Birmingham’s first ever 24-hour nursery will open for the first time to help parents juggling childcare whilst working unsociable hours.

Daisycare was set up by three enterprising women: Maria Beckford, Sally Betteridge and Susan Semmons. Maria worked as a midwife and all three have extensive childcare experience.

Maria said: “We have been inspired by our own personal experiences to form our company, in order to provide more options for parents who have to work unsocial hours.”

There are separate rooms built inside of the nursery for each age group; a baby room for up to 12 months; a room for children aged 12-18 months; a toddler room catering for 18-month-olds to three-year-olds and a pre-school area for the older children.

The nursery has taken into consideration how worrying it can be to leave your child unattended and have installed a ‘Parent Cam’ inside so that parents anxious about leaving their child can keep an eye on what they are doing.

Maria said the nursery’s location was chosen based on its closeness to hospitals, but said they were also catering for all parents who might be employed in other shift work.

Maria added: “I worked as a midwife when I had my children, but I found it really hard after having them that I couldn’t find childcare to fit in with work – In the end I had to change my job.

“There are many, many jobs that don’t operate 9-5 anymore. Childcare could mean the difference between someone getting or staying in a job.

“We are living in a 24-hour society and have specifically developed our nursery for parents that work shift patterns and those who have changing shifts.

“We also understand how worrying it can be leaving your child, especially if parents are working late.”

The aim of the setting is to provide flexibility for parents and make sure parents’ childcare needs are being met 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Find out more at www.daisycare24hr.co.uk

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