Children and staff at Happy Days Nursery in Maryhill were tired of looking at litter and debris on the streets surrounding their nursery.


On Valentine’s Day, dozens of local people joined Happy Days Nursery to help clean the city.


The clean-up formed part of the nursery’s Environmental Schools Charter challenge, which is a scheme led by Glasgow City Council to encourage young people to take care of their local environment. If they complete three environmental challenges each year, they receive a trophy.


More than 90 schools and nurseries have signed up to the scheme, which is backed by the Evening Times Streets Ahead campaign. The campaign encourages people to continue to work together to make their surroundings a better and safer place.
Jacqueline Hancock, team leader of the nursery, explained: “We walk to a local wooded area for outdoor education with the children, and we started to notice just how much rubbish there was on the streets and paths on the way there.


“We decided to do something about it.”


Head of nursery Annemarie Miller said: “The children carried out their own litter survey with local residents. We got lots of lovely feedback from local people who admired what the children were doing.”

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