Parenta typically enrols over 2000 learners a year onto apprenticeship training. This could be within any of our specialisms including childcare, business administration or even playwork.

One of the key measures of our company’s success is our qualification achievement rate. This is the number of learners who complete the course compared to those who started it.

Now, there are many reasons why some learners aren’t able to finish their course, such as a change in personal circumstances. However, where possible, we provide support to ensure that completing an apprenticeship is not only achievable, but fulfilling and enjoyable too!

Our qualification achievement rate for the year 2016-17 was 76.09%, compared to the national achievement rate (NAR) for 2015-16 of 65% for all apprenticeships.

So why is Parenta’s achievement rate so much higher than the national average? What’s the secret to our success? We’ve had some time to think about this and have come up with the following reasons:

We have experts delivering our training

Parenta has a team of assessors all around the country who are experts in their field. They have firsthand experience of working in a childcare setting and have a thorough understanding of Early Years. Many will have worked their way from a junior position in a setting to a managerial role, so they can provide valuable advice to apprentices.

Training is tailored to the needs of the learner and setting

One of the great things about doing an apprenticeship is that both learner and employer will have input into training. The learner can discuss with their assessor how they perform best – such as showing their knowledge through professional discussions. What’s more, employers can help to structure their apprentice’s course to help meet the needs of the business.

We have over a decade of experience within the sector

Parenta specialises in all things Early Years and we’ve been working in the sector for nearly 15 years. We understand the challenges, difficulties and nuances of working in a childcare setting better than most. As well as apprenticeship training, we offer wraparound services such as nursery software, childcare websites, recruitment and much more!

We’re passionate about providing a remarkable experience

Parenta strive for all learners and customers to have a remarkable experience every time they interact with us. This is the ethos that underpins everything we do. So, when a setting chooses us to be their training provider, they can rest assured that they’ll receive a quality of service which is second to none.

Having a great training provider could mean the difference between a learner receiving the support they need to complete their course or dropping out early. So, you’ll want to do your research before choosing one! Whilst there are plenty of training providers who offer early years apprenticeships, Parenta is the leading provider of childcare apprenticeships in the UK today.

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