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As a company, Bright Little Stars are committed to investing in our employees by supporting apprenticeship programmes and having an embedded culture which promotes higher level qualifications for all staff. At BLS we currently have 10 apprentices working towards a Level 2 or Level 3 qualification in Early Years.

As part of National Apprenticeship 2018 week, our Mill Hill and Harrow Manager along with Anna, Nursery Apprentice attended the West Herts Employer Event to meet students on Health, Education and Care Courses to talk about what it is like being part of an Outstanding and award-winning company and the opportunities available to those wishing to embark onto an apprenticeship programme with BLS.

We also interviewed Anna, who joined BLS in September 2017, about why she joined us and the value of completing an apprenticeship.

1) What do you enjoy about being part of the BLS team?

Being part of the BLS team is like a work family. I spend more of my hours at work with my colleagues than at home. At BLS, especially in Milky Way, our team is so strong; we all get on and support each other! Everyone knows how to have fun but also work as a team to make sure the children are looked after correctly and planning and observations are being done!

2) What do you love most about your role?

It is knowing you are one the most influential people for that child’s first years of development! Especially in baby room you are with the babies all the time, so you get the chance to see them grow and develop further and see those special moments like ‘crawling for first time or walking’. I also love how happy and fascinated children get for exploring new things for the first time and getting excited for new activities and sensory items to play with.

3) Why is completing an apprenticeship a good route to getting an Early Years qualification?

Apprenticeship for me is the best thing I could have done! It’s allowed me to do my Level 3 Early Years course and get the qualification but also work full time and gain experience and money! By working whilst doing college work and having an assessor come in it means you’re constantly gaining knowledge that can be used on a day to day basis in the nursery. It also means you can take the activity plans, policies and procedures you’ve learnt and used them to help further your understanding in your assignments. It’s also quicker as you can work at your own pace and I would be doing the same qualification as I would at college but I’m also getting money and experience on what it’s like to work full time with children.

At BLS our apprenticeships provide experienced workers for the future who are developing their skills whilst learning on-the-job. As well as on-the-job training, we also offer additional support such as Inset Days, use of a laptop on site, a mentoring buddy and a salary enhancement post qualification completion; at the end of March we will be holding our first ‘Apprentice Training Day’ which is being supported by two of our most experienced Deputy Managers. By utilising the experience of our Management teams, who hold either a degree or other higher-level qualifications, our BLS Apprentices are learning from the very best!

Our BLS Apprentices are highly motivated and committed and they play a vital role in our Nurseries; we have an excellent retention rate of our apprentices who have completed their qualifications with us. By embracing apprenticeship programmes we are ensuring our future Early Years Practitioners are trained to our high company standards; therefore, providing exceptional care and learning whilst supporting each child individually.

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