National Children’s Day in the UK will be held on the 13th May to celebrate the ‘magic’ of childhood.

As well as being a celebration of childhood, the day aims to encourage people and organisations to share concerns about societal values and the wellbeing of children.

Children’s Day was first founded in 1954 by the UN General Assembly to be a day of mutual friendship and understanding between children.

The Save Childhood Movement, which established National Children’s Day in the UK five years ago, is encouraging people to run events in the week leading up to the special day or on the day itself. From small outings to whole school or community activities, participants can share what they are doing to celebrate the day using the hashtag #NCDUK2018.

Chief Executive of the Save Childhood Movement, Wendy Ellyatt said: “Children in the modern world are experiencing pressures that were unknown to previous generations.

“National Children’s Day UK provides a wonderful opportunity for people to highlight things that are going on in the lives of children and families and issues that they care about.

“We hope everyone will use the day as a platform to celebrate everything that is magical about childhood, but to also shine a light on any problems and what we can do to alleviate them.”

Other countries hold the special day on the 20th November, whilst in the UK it will be held at the start of summer so that children can celebrate outside.

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