Diary of childcare apprentice Melanie Pitt – Week 4


My husband has been in recovery from an operation he had last week. I had hoped he’d be on his feet by now, but unfortunately I’m still getting up in the night to give him painkillers. Trying to care for him whilst working full time and managing with the children has left me exhausted.

I had a much needed-day off yesterday as the pre-school I work at is in a memorial hall and it was closed for voting. I had intended to finish off some coursework, but instead spent the day having to nap!

I plan to fit in some time to catch up on coursework this weekend, what with it being the bank holiday. My assessor Linda will be visiting me for a catch-up next Tuesday afternoon – we’re tackling a unit on Employment Rights and Responsibilities as part of my course.

Recently, one of my colleagues (who is a qualified teacher) was secretly observing me doing some small group work and said I should definitely train to be a teacher because I “just have everything it takes” apparently! I was really flattered. It gives me something to think about for when my children are a little bit older.


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  • May 10, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    Well done Mel – this is great!!


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