This week was another busy one for me! I went on a safeguarding course on Wednesday, which was my first one. Staff have to do refresher training on this every year. I found it really informative and got a lot out of it – although it also resonated with some personal experiences I’ve had. So I found it a little difficult, too.

My Duty of Care coursework is now complete and I’m planning for my next observation in June with my assessor. She’ll visit me and watch me whilst I’m working with the children, then we’ll talk about why I do things in a certain way. These observations are useful and can open up other points for discussion.

This week, my pre-school hosted a royal tea party. We invited mums, dads and other family members to come in and celebrate with cakes. We hung bunting, had balloons and ate cake. Everyone had a really good time – one of the perks of working in childcare!

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