This week has been quite emotionally exhausting for me! In my Child Development coursework, we were asked to write about transitions (like when children go to school) and some examples of transitions that not everyone goes through. This got me thinking about my past and some personal difficulties myself and my sister suffered in childhood. I have managed to go on to build a happy life with a family of my own, with a wonderfully supportive husband who is my rock. However, sadly for my sister, she is still struggling.

On a lighter note, Sports Day at my school went really well. In teams of 4, staff led children over an obstacle course and we even made special pom poms and flags to wave.

I have also booked to do my ICT Functional Skills in August. I was a little apprehensive about this, as it has been awhile since I sat exams in school. However, my assessor (Linda) has been amazing. She is like a life coach – giving me a hug when I need it and boosting my confidence about doing exams. I feel really supported in my apprenticeship and I know that with her guidance I can achieve anything.

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