Mental Health is an issue which affects so many people but not everyone lets it show if they are struggling mentally or emotionally; or are in a situation where they feel vulnerable.

If you feel that you would benefit from some confidential, professional help, there are many websites and even apps that are available to you. 

Here are a few:


Bright Sky is an app and has been developed specifically for learners who feel vulnerable.  It provides access to support and disguises itself as a weather app on your phone so if (for example) you are in an abusive relationship, your abuser would not know. It’s really useful for help, advice and support, it links to the police and also is available in many different languages.

Kooth provides counselling services and other advice and guidance for learners in crisis or suffering with mental health issues.  They are available for online support up to 10pm at night. Parents can also get advice.

Young Minds gives advice and guidance both for young people and parents worried about their child.

Youth Access helps to find local support services and help groups.

The Mental health Foundation organises Mental Health Awareness Week and aims to inspire people to take action to help spread the message of good mental health for everyone.

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