Now that the summer has officially started and the weather is hotting up, everyone wants to spend as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors! Here are 10 must-do activities to keep your children engaged this summer:

  1. Go on a water balloon scavenger hunt. Fill and hide your balloons in locations where they aren’t likely to pop and don’t leave them in the sun too long, as they may spontaneously burst.
  2. Take children to a local farm where you can ‘Pick your own’ strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes etc. This will help children understand where food comes from and how it grows.
  3. Instant ice cream recipes such as this one are a fun way to teach children how to make a dessert in under 15 minutes. All you need is milk, sugar, ice, vanilla extract and some salt.
  4. Have children test out what surfaces water balloons break on the most easily. You could draw targets on objects or on a path for children to aim for when they throw. This is great for improving hand-eye coordination.
  5. Create a fairy garden using an old terracotta pot, some soil, plants and fairy accessories. For inspirational ideas to get children’s imaginations fired up, turn to pages 34-35.
  6. Play animal balloon herding. Blow up pink balloons and draw a pig’s face on the surface with a black Sharpie pen. Do the same for white balloons, with sheep or cow faces. Release the balloons and have children ‘herd’ them into the right pens.
  7. Source some stones with smooth, flat surfaces. Let the children paint animals or shapes onto the stones using acrylic paint.
  8. Have a boat race. Let the children design a paper sail for their boat, which can be sellotaped to a lolly stick. Grab a plastic tray (the sort that vegetables come in) and secure the lolly stick to it, so that the sail is upright and in the centre. Fill a small pool with water and let children blow the sail to make the boat move!
  9. Let children unleash their inner Picasso by letting them draw freely with different coloured chalk on paths and walkways in your setting.
  10. Grow seedlings. Give each child a sticky label to write their name and a clear plastic cup. Share compost between the group and a few different choices of seeds. Help children plant their seeds and press the compost into the cup. Place on a windowsill or sunny spot.

Do you have summer activity ideas you’d like to share with us? Send them to marketing@parenta.com or post them to our Facebook page.

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