This week at work has been crazy as both managers have been off! Sometimes life takes over (as it does for us all, occasionally) but it’s meant the rest of us pulling together to get school transitions and last minute paperwork done, as well as plan and run the pre-school! As hectic as it’s been, it’s also been fun – we’re a great team and work well together.

Recently, one of my colleagues had to complete a formal speaking exam and I had to partner her. We were talking about the effects of media on our children. Although it was really intense and I felt nervous to get it perfect for her, we soon got into the swing of it and I actually found it really informative and learnt a lot from it. It also gave me an insight into level 3 and the things that I could be working towards in the future.

This week I also went to a taster session at primary school with my youngest daughter. I had a good chat with her teacher (who was also my other children’s first teacher) and she said she wants to poach me from the pre-school and have me working with her! She thinks I should definitely train to be a teacher. It’s lovely to hear and something that I might seriously consider now all my children will be at school full time.

So, again, another busy week and not much time for coursework but only one more week left for me at work then I’ll have all summer to catch up…I hope!

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