Press release from The Nursery, Portishead:

Police officers are here to help, that’s the message children at a nursery in Portishead, near Bristol, were given when PC Adam Smart popped in to read his new book to them.

Adam, a police officer since 2013, decided to create the helpful character, Officer George, in a bid to overcome the negativity he had experienced on the beat and even in his own circle of friends.

He said: “I was astounded at how many parents would tell their young children that if they didn’t behave they would get ‘the police officer over there’ to tell them off. Even my friends would say the same kind of things to their children before I visited and I would find the children hiding under the bed in fear when I arrived at their homes. We really don’t need this negativity and so I thought writing a children’s book and creating the adventures of Officer George, who is always around to lend a helping hand, could help children understand that police officers are here to help.”

Jackie Hardie, owner of The Nursery, said: “The children loved hearing about how Officer George helped find a little girl’s lost bear. It’s so important for children to build positive associations with services like the police.”

Find out more about Officer George at www.officergeorge.com


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