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Children at Little Adventurers Nursery will be getting stuck in to ‘Recycle Week’ with Daphne the dolphin, their new green mascot. The nursery aim for the year is to become more environmentally friendly by reducing their own carbon footprint and encouraging the children and their families to think about recycling and looking after the planet.

Caring for the vegetable patch

Ginny, the nursery manager, explains, “Teaching children about caring for the planet is part of our role as early educators and our aim is to extend this understanding to our children and get them involved. We have introduced Daphne to help us with this aim.”

Daphne comes with her own backpack, storybook and project book for the children to diary and take photos of their environmentally friendly activity. Ginny said, “I hope that children and parents will be inspired by the initiative and enjoy reading the story together as well as talking and thinking about how we can all be more green.” The older children also took part in The Great Plastic Pick up earlier this year, introduced as a direct result of media coverage of the destructive effects of waste plastic in our oceans.

Health and wellbeing is very much part of the ethos at Little Adventurers; the children learn about the food cycle and sustainability by caring for and nurturing plants in their own vegetable patch in the nursery garden. This year they have grown tomatoes, runner beans and potatoes as well as herbs and flowers. The children enjoy planting, watering and caring for the crops through to the excitement of harvest time when they help prepare them for cooking or (in the case of the juicy tomatoes) simply washing and eating them with their friends.

Garden plants

Little Adventurers already has a healthy lifestyle mascot, Paddington, who takes it in turns to go home with the children and take part in a healthy activity; whether that’s something physically active or helping to make a healthy dinner or snack. The healthy lifestyle promotion is taken seriously and the nursery extends this with daily toothbrushing for all children as well as wake and shake sessions which encourage physical activity. The nursery is delighted to have recently won a Silver Healthy Early Years London Award (Mayor of London) for promoting and fostering high levels of health, wellbeing and school readiness.

Nutritional Excellence

“We are really pleased to be doing our best to support families in their quest for healthy children.” Chris, the Business Development Manager explained, “Optimum nutrition is a key part of our healthy lifestyle ethos and something we are very proud of. We work with an Early Years Nutritionist to ensure our nursery menus are perfectly balanced and provide all the essential nutrition to our little ones on a daily basis.”

Little Adventurers Nursery take their Green aims seriously and have further plans on their green agenda. They are proud of their green achievements to date;

  • Teach children about growing vegetables to learn about the food cycle and the benefits of organic food as well as sustainability
  • Introduced Walking Wednesdays to nursery parents to encourage parents /grandparents or carers to walk to nursery where possible
  • Recycle all their cardboard, paper, tins and plastic
  • Use eco eggs for the majority of our nursery washing (kinder than ordinary washing powder for the environment)
  • Use eco washing up liquid – kinder for the environment
  • Use nursery tablets which automatically switch off when not in use (saving power and radio frequency waves)
  • Encourages parents to turn off their car engines at all times in the nursery car park
  • Use external lights operated by sensors
  • Use of underfloor heating across the nursery setting
  • Print only essential nursery documents and use email to correspond daily feedback to parents


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