Ashgrove Nursery used Mental Health Day to hold a sponsored bake-off to help raise money to go towards its own mental health and resilience programme.

The programme, named ‘Fresh Little Minds’ is provided for children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Teachers and staff at Ashgrove Nursery see the advantages that the programme could have for the children in the school, with Principal, Joanne Bar, saying: “There is a big focus at the moment on building children’s mental health and wellbeing, but many initiatives fail to recognise that early intervention begins at pre-school.

“Children’s social and emotional health has always been high on the agenda at Ashgrove Nursery, but this year we want to take it even further by raising money to offer this fantastic programme to all children in our school.

“Providing we raise enough money to do so, Fresh Little Minds will deliver a six-week programme incorporating children’s yoga, laughter therapy and lots of movement techniques that will help their bodies feel better when they are anxious, scared, worried or excited.”

Teacher, Gillian Parkinson, said: “Fresh Little Minds is a highly acclaimed mental health and resilience programme of thoughtful, fun and stimulating activities for children. The overall aim is that children will become more confident; their physical and mental health will improve, and they will be able to positively express their feelings.

“Funding has proven quite difficult to obtain which is why we decided to hold our very own fundraiser. The children all had a great day baking buns and they demonstrated excellent teamwork by working together and helping each other. I am not sure if any of the buns made it as far as home, but the children certainly enjoyed themselves and deserved a treat after their very busy day.”

If you would like to contribute to Ashgrove Nursery School to help them raise funds for their mental health and wellbeing initiative, please call the school on 028 9084 3178.

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