The Rainbow Corner Day Nursery in Watlington is celebrating after receiving an ‘outstanding’ rating in all areas by Ofsted.

The nursery was last inspected in 2015 when it was given a ‘good’ rating.

Ofsted inspector, Amanda Perkin, described the management team as “highly motivated and ambitious” adding that they work very well together.

She said: “Teaching is of a very high standard. Staff interact sensitively and skilfully with children to support and extend their learning.

“The staff enable children to make their own decisions and choices and solve their own problems.

“Staff in the baby room exude kindness and warmth, enabling the youngest children to settle happily and form close attachments to their key person.

“Children show that they feel safe and content in the company of the adults and other children in the room. They explore new experiences and greet familiar people with confidence and joy.

“Managers focus the use of additional funding extremely carefully to maximise the positive impact on children’s outcomes. They work effectively with parents and other professionals to ensure they quickly identify and meet children’s needs to a very high degree.

“All children make rapid progress in their learning and development and those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities make very substantial progress.”

Manager at The Rainbow Corner Day Nursery, Debbie Hemmins said: “I am very proud of the staff’s commitment and how hard they work and train to continually improve the welfare and education of all the children.

“Highly motivated teaching skills are a must in nurseries and we are very lucky to have a qualified teacher as our educational lead. She supports and works alongside staff to enhance children’s learning in all aspects of the nursery day, to enable them to achieve rapid progress and school-readiness.

“Working in close partnership with our parents, committee and the local community, all helps us to cater for the individual needs of the children and this was noted by the inspector.”

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