Little Colliers Day Nursery, in Colley Gate, is under threat of closure, with its associated school, Colley Gate Primary School, advocating the proposal.

Parents, however, have gathered in protest stating the nursery is a “godsend” and that school chiefs should find the money to keep such an asset open.

November 6th has been earmarked as decision-day, which has encouraged parents to rally round and protest the closure of a much-loved setting. All of which hold on to high hopes the decision will be made to keep it open.

One mother, Aziz-Fatima Shah, expressed her surprise at the proposals, saying:

 “The thing that parents are really stressed about, is that it is half term next week and the decision is going to be made the week after.

“The whole plan seems to have been put together as to not allow parents a timeframe to do something about it.

“A lot of parents have rung up other local nurseries for places and there is nowhere available. Where are our children going to go?

“I’m a single mum and the nursery has been a godsend for me and for other parents who haven’t got anyone else to look after their children.

“It’s a neighbourhood nursery. All my three children have been there. My eldest son is nearly 14 and he went to Little Colliers. A lot of the staff are still the same from back then and they are lovely.”

Financial problems have been cited as the reason for the closure, which was announced at a recent meeting attended by parents at the adjoining school.

Aziz-Fatima continued to highlight that both parents and nursery staff have put their heads together to work out multiple ways in which the estimated £20,000 budget deficit could be reduced.

She added:

“Staff have proposed that they will reduce their wages. Parents are happy for fees to be raised slightly. And one of the parents has devised a business plan.”

Local councillor, Richard Body, invited parents to a meeting about the plans last Friday in support of their request for the nursery to remain open.

Cllr Body stated:

“We will do all we can to appeal to the governors to change their minds and keep it open.

“The nursery has a track record of being excellent, the parents think it is great and it should not be assessed on a business basis, it should be assessed on an educational and local community-needs basis.”

A spokesperson at Windsor Academy Trust – which runs Colley Gate Primary – said: “Windsor Academy Trust is embarking on a formal consultation to review the provision at Little Colliers Nursery following a proposal from Colley Lane Academy.

 “The consultation finishes on 7th November 2018. Consideration will be given to the consultation feedback and the School and Trust Directors will make a decision.”

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