YOU WILL NEED:          

  • 1 paper plate   
  • white paper 
  • green paint  
  • red paint

1. Cut your paper plate in half and use one half of the paper plate to pour the green paint on to.

2. Using the edge of your hand, from the tip of your little finger to your wrist, dip your hand into the green paint and carefully stamp it along the bottom of your sheet of paper to create lots of long green lines. These will be the stems of your flowers.

3.  Once you have made your stems, wash the remaining green paint from your hands

4. Pour out the red paint on to the other half of your paper plate, ready for the next step.




5. Guide your child, dipping their whole hand into the red paint.

6. Place their paint-covered hand on top of the green stems on your sheet of paper to create the poppies.

7. Your craft should look something like this!




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