Lydia Collings retires after 25 years of childminding in Ulverston, Cumbria. After opening her childminding company, Little Stars Childcare, in 1994, Lydia went on to achieve three ‘outstanding’ Ofsted reports. She became only the second person to achieve this in Cumbria.

Glenn Collings, Lydia’s son, said to The Mail: “Mum has been an inspiration to myself and three brothers, Craig, Ross and Bruce, managing to raise four boys whilst giving full-time, outstanding childcare to many of Ulverston’s young children. I’ve been amazed at the energy and dedication she has shown in raising kids from babies to starting-school age and always going above and beyond in carrying out all the extra-educational activities, while maintaining her beaming smile and positive energy.

“Mum deserves her retirement more than anyone and it’s a testament to her character that she will be spending it doing her passion of teaching children to sign language. We are proud to have her as our mum and an inspirational woman.”

Ms Collings, who is a qualified nurse and sign language teacher, supports children with special needs in her spare time. She has been practising sign language for nine years, teaching it within schools. She wants to continue with her classes to help children with disabilities throughout her retirement.

She said to The Mail: “My sign language group allows me to still work with children while I’m retired but with less of the responsibility.

“However, I am going to miss the family-bonding of childminding. You have these children from babies and build up a bond between them. They’ve brought so much to me, as I have to them.

“A child in my care just recently looked out the car window and saw the moon. He said, ‘Lynda there’s the moon, I’m going to go there in a red spaceship, would you like to come with me?’

“Well, that sums it all up really”, she added. “There have been so many moments, I have a unique memory to treasure of each child over the past 25 years.”

Story by: The Mail

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