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The Year of the Pig!

The children at Milton Hall Montessori School, Englefield Green in Surrey celebrated Chinese New Year this week.  They all enjoyed a morning learning about cultural foods and native animals, as well as looking at maps of South East Asia and making Chinese chopsticks, Happy New Year cards and decorative traditional fans.

Over the past 2 weeks, the children learned that Chinese New Year is not just celebrated in China, but by all of South East Asia. Through their circle celebrations,  they brought together the cultures and costumes of Korea, China and Japan.

The children enjoyed a brief geography lesson, tasting noodles and sharing their knowledge. They ended their celebrations by greeting each other by bowing and saying , “Kung Hei Fat Choy”.

Sutindar Lal, the school’s Principal said; “we feel sure that the children here experienced fantastic cross cultural activities and understanding that will take them into their future development . A real big thank you to Bonnie (Jin’s mother) and Samantha (Atalanta and Aether’s mother) to share this special celebration with us at Milton Hall Montessori School.”


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