Georgie Porgie’s Nursery in Kirkholt received an ‘outstanding’ rating from Ofsted. The inspector reported that the nursery is “superbly organised, stimulating and imaginative”.

“True inspiration and admirable enthusiasm”, were the words used to describe the nursery manager, Gill Felton’s approach to leading the team, with staff using “exceptionally effective” teaching practice. It continued to say that staff “have a superb knowledge of how children learn best and plan exceptionally challenging activities that capture children’s interests.”

The ‘outstanding’ report also said that the children had “high levels of self-esteem and emotional security in this extremely welcoming, nurturing environment” and that ‘children thrive and are extremely happy and settle well in this high-quality nursery.’

“Staff provide children with clear and consistent boundaries and play alongside them which helps to teach them how to share and take turns.”

“Staff help children to learn about the similarities and differences between people and communities and the wider world.”

“Regular walks to the library, shops and building site help children to develop an excellent knowledge of the local community.”

In this glowing report, staff were also praised for taking quick action, so no child is left behind in their development. The report said: “Children gain an excellent range of skills, abilities and attitudes that help to prepare them extremely well for future learning and school’.”

The involvement from parents was also noticed, adding they were “fully involved in all aspects of nursery life and are provided with a wealth of information that helps them to support children’s learning at home”.

Deputy Manager, Sarah Arundel, said to Rochdale Online: “We have worked very hard to get where we are. All the parents are thrilled as well – they said they knew we would get ‘outstanding’ before we got the Ofsted grading.

“We have had lots of praise from parents, the early years team and lots of professionals – and lots of congratulations from everybody.”

Story by: Rochdale Online

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