Press release from Gingerbread Nurseries and Playgroups.

It has been confirmed that Keith Vaz MP will be opening the new Gingerbread Nook, Main Street, Glenfield at their open day on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

The facility that boasts a ‘curiosity approach’ to learning and is a proud addition to the Gingerbread Nurseries and Playgroups family.

As a local charity Gingerbread Nurseries and Playgroups are dedicated to providing positive education and child led teaching to families throughout the community.

Mrs Singh, Operations Director of the group has said “Our role is, not only, to teach the children to become the best they can be, but also to support the parents of all children in our care. It takes a community to bring up strong successful children. We are proud to be expanding our community ethos into other areas of Leicestershire, to expand the Gingerbread family”.

As an established and long serving Member of Parliament, Mr Vaz, is happy to help and proud to see the charity he has watched over the last 25 years become a valued support team for Leicestershire families.

In the last 8 years Oadby has seen the growth of Gingerbread to an additional site in Launde House. Going from strength to strength offering classes to parents for teething, weaning and even phonics, as well as expanding the children’s own knowledge through numeracy and literacy support classes, language classes and child led learning programmes, as well as the after school services and breakfast club.

With this charity now expanding throughout Leicestershire everyone can all benefit from the amazing outreach work being done by the team at Gingerbread. Over the next 6 months there will be new sites opening up in Glenfield, Rusheymead, Westcotes and Aylestone.

Drop in on their open day to discover all about the group of nurseries on –

Saturday 2nd March 2019 – 10am – 2pm
20 Main Street, Glenfield, LE3 8DG

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