Based on feedback from the local community The Nursery in Portishead, near Bristol, has launched a new parent preparation course for parents-to-be.

Nursery owner, Jackie Hardie, said: “Expecting a new baby is an exciting time, but it can also be pretty overwhelming. While there is a lot of sensible information about birth plans and how to pack a hospital bag, there can also be too little, or too much being said about how to actually be a parent in the real world. Our Little Ducklings Parent Prep courses help parents find the advice they really need.

Each course includes six bespoke classes. A Go-To Gadgets class will take a sensible look at which products might save the day and which will waste money, while the Feeding Support group we will look at breast and bottle feeding with no judgement, only support.

With their hands full, it’s more important than ever for new parents to look after themselves so we include well being and mindfulness to teach parents the tools needed to de-stress whether they have an hour off, or just a few seconds to themselves.

An accredited sleep consultant will guide parents through the first few weeks of sleep, helping them understand what to expect and how to help their little ones become confident sleepers and we will also deliver a first aid taster session to guide parents through the basic principles of first aid for a newborn.

As we near the end of the course, we may have some new arrivals which will be a great time for new parents to ask all the questions that have cropped up since they first held their little one in their arms, and a great chance for the babies to meet each other for the first time.”

For more information visit www.thenursery.uk.com/little-ducklings-parent-prep-courses

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