A new type of co-working space is bringing a work/life balance to parents who have to juggle a career with looking after a family.

Cuckooz Nest, based in Farringdon, London is one of only a few co-working spaces in the UK which provides office space as well as an on-site childcare facility. It includes all the necessities for a modern office and provides a light and airy environment.

The nursery provides spaces for 21 children up to two years old as well as 36 desk spaces.

Charlie Rosier, one of the co-founders, told WIRED magazine that the business is already seeing a profit and has a waiting list, despite opening less than 12 months ago.

Charlie started Cuckooz Nest with her business partner, Fabienne O’Neill, when she wanted to return to work six weeks after giving birth, but could not find a suitable childcare facility.

Charlie said to WIRED: “I didn’t want to give up my 15-year career just because I’d had a child.”

The prices at Cuckooz Nest are higher than a regular nursery, as they charge between £10.80 and £20 per hour, against an average of £6.80 for a usual childcare place; but Cuckooz Nest offers a lot more flexibility for parents. Parents can choose to get a part- or full-time space and only pay for the hours they use, instead of paying a set fee that most nurseries require.

One of the parents who uses Cuckooz Nest, Ilany Oliviera, said that it has provided the best solution for her. Mrs Oliviera, who previously worked from home, struggled to find childcare due to long waiting lists at a lot of childcare settings. Because of that, she had to work when her child was asleep, which meant working during the night.

She said: “I was exhausted.” She then found out about Cuckooz Nest and now uses it five days a week.

With the popularity and high demand for Cuckooz Nest, the co-working space will be expanding to 2 new locations.

Do you think there should be more co-working spaces available for parents? Let us know in the comments.

Story by: WIRED magazine

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