Dines Green Nursery, Worcester, has a strong focus on integrating methods of learning into all of their activities so that the children learn by playing, and are challenged.

Early years leader, Rachael Ginger, explains that every morning, upon arrival, the children take part in activities to help settle them in. The activities give the children a chance to gain confidence and let them join in in their own time.

Mrs Ginger said: “We like the children to take on learning for themselves. It is a child-initiated process. We want every child to be an independent learner. We hope they grow to be confident individuals and leave reception with a good level of development.

“We aim to provide a stimulating and welcoming environment for all children. We meet individual needs and are always looking for the next way to further their experiences and understanding in a supportive manner. We provide the foundations for the rest of their school life.”

The nursery has recently become part of the Multi Academy Trust which makes it possible for schools to work together. The hope is for the schools to run cross-campus events and share their facilities with one another, allowing children from diverse backgrounds to meet in groups.

The ethos of the school is to promote children’s learning by connecting and identifying problem-solving with the things the students are doing in the course of their activities.

During a visit to the nursery by the Ledbury Reporter, the children were seen designing Valentine’s Day biscuits and writing a note to the person they wanted to give their biscuit to.

The aim of the biscuit-making was to develop the children skills: counting how many biscuits had been made, writing, recognising different shapes and being creative with the design of their topping.

The nursery teaches skills and values to prepare each child for the transition from nursery school into primary school.

Story by: Ledbury Reporter

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