Press release from Riverside Hub.

  • State-of-the-art sensory and soft play equipment to support cognitive skills-building, interaction and exercise
  • Features include ‘dry’ water slide, giant ball pool, a balloon room and dolphin carousel.

March 5th 2019 – Leading indoor children’s play centre, Riverside Hub, has created something magical for some of its youngest guests, with the launch of its specially adapted sensory facilities for Under 5s.

The family-run venue has created a new area for little ones that is packed full of the state-of-the-art sensory and soft play equipment. The new area which took 12 months to design, develop and create, includes a whole host of features, ranging from a ‘dry’ water slide and giant ball pool, to a balloon room, water bed and dolphin carousel.

The area is exclusively for the under 5s only (and their adults!).

Ellis Potter, owner of Riverside Hub, said, said: “As with all of our activities and play zones, our new Under 5s area is something new and exciting and a place where plenty of fun, cognitive skills-building, interaction and exercise can be had.

“We really enjoyed creating this new addition to our rapidly-growing list of attractions and hope our young visitors will have just as much fun exploring and enjoying it. We’re continuously reviewing and updating our play facilities to make sure they’re as appealing as possible and keep sparking visitors’ imagination and we’re sure our new Under 5s area will do just that. It’s important to parents of under 5’s that they have a place that is just for the tiny ones, which they can explore with no danger of bumping into bigger, older children.

“This new zone is just one of several new changes we’ve got coming to the Hub, as we strive to provide families with children of all ages a place where they can enjoy quality time together playing, exploring, learning and just having fun in a safe and friendly environment. Having exciting play and sensory features for children from birth to 12 is very important for our visitors, as more and more families have children with very different ages”.

The opening of the new Under 5s area comes in addition to the Riverside Park-based venue’s many other mobility and sensory-orientated play facilities, which include an advanced sensory room, Under 2s area, a toddler village and the largest soft play frame in the country.

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