Cygnets Pre-school in Westbury started a journey in January to replace all their plastic toys with natural, organic and pre-loved alternatives. The idea is inspired by “The Curiosity Approach”, which lets children explore different materials and objects from a home-from-home environment, thus encouraging their curiosity and learning.

They have recently received a donation of china plates and teacups from Westbury Cricket Club, which children are enjoying, and even choose them over their plastic bottles.

Emma Osmond, the pre-school’s manager, said to White Horse News: “The children have responded fantastically to the new approach, and are really enjoying exploring the new items we have introduced so far, which range from interesting shells and seed pods, to an old typewriter. Our ultimate goal is to develop the setting using recycled or up-cycled and natural items wherever possible, eliminating our reliance on traditional plastic toys. We would be extremely grateful to any members of the local community who are able to assist by donating items on our ‘wish list’.”

You can find out more about Cygnet Pre-school here.

Story by: White Horse News


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