There are so many activities children and staff alike can enjoy over Easter and during the spring months and Childbase Partnership has hatched multiple programmes across their setting to help children with their emotional development, including chick-hatching.

One nursery taking part in the chick-hatching programme is Greengables Day Nursery, Sandhurst. Manager Jennifer Ralphs highlighted the importance of learning animal care when speaking with daynurseries.co.uk.

She discussed how many children don’t have these opportunities at home, as many don’t have pets to care for.

She said: “Many children are unable to keep pets at home so interacting with an animal in the nursery may be the only opportunity they have to learn about their needs, care and ultimate value in the world.

“Teaching children respect for the natural world is an important part of work in preparing them for their roles and responsibilities in the world. This cannot be successfully achieved in isolation and without close proximity to animals.”

All at Greengables and Childbase Partnership believe nurturing animals provides amazing benefits, especially for children who may struggle more emotionally. They are also taking the welfare of their chicks very seriously, choosing ethical suppliers and putting plans in place to ensure the chicks have very happy lives – past the Easter period.

One such supplier is The Happy Chick Company, and owner Madeline Buchanan, agrees with Jennifer’s sentiments, saying:

“How are children going to learn about, empathise, bond and respect animals if they do not spend time in their company? Animal contact in schools is so important, to ensure that children of today become our animal lovers of the future.

“Through animal contact in schools, children (and adults) will be encouraged to care. This is more powerful than indifference. I firmly believe that animal contact is what is needed to ensure that people care about the animals around them. When this service is provided ethically, the positives far outweigh any negatives.”

This is the second year Greengables have taken part in such an amazing activity, and last year, they managed to find permanent homes for all their chicks.

Health, safety and environment director for Childbase Partnership, Mark Bird, discussed the group’s approach to the welfare of the chicks, telling daynurseries.co.uk that:

“The welfare of the hatched chicks is paramount during and after this learning experience, which is why choosing an ethical, higher welfare supplier is so important.

“If we cannot successfully and appropriately re-home any of our hatched chicks, they are returned to our supplier who has the facilities, many years of expertise, and networks in place to responsibly accommodate all birds, whatever their gender.”

Have you hatched any chicks this Easter? We’d love to hear your stories, email marketing@parenta.com.

Story by: daynurseries.co.uk


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