Children from Flora Day Nursery in Darlington were joined by elderly residents from Abbeyfield in an annual Easter egg hunt.

The event took place in the grounds of Lady Starmer’s former mansion and was attended by children aged between two and four. The children enjoyed hunting for eggs donated by the residents, who watched over them.

The children had also made themselves cardboard baskets and bonnets to match.

The manager of Abbeyfield, Kath MacColl, said to the Northern Echo: “It has been a very special occasion for the residents, who were thrilled to see the grounds full of excited children.

“We have huge lawns, and it was wonderful to be able to offer a little slice of magic to our wonderful neighbours at Flora Day Nursery.

“I know the residents loved seeing their excitement and hearing their chatter as they hunted for treasure. It was a lovely start to the Easter weekend for everyone.”

Story by: The Northern Echo


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