During the Easter break, vandals have thrown stones inside Ivybridge Pre-school which resulted in broken equipment.

The owner of the pre-school, Nicola Moyses, said that the window and their outdoor play area have both been damaged and the costs are estimated to be around £250.

Ms Moyses said to Plymouth Live: “It is a sheer act of mindless vandalism that affects young children of the pre-school.

“They’ve let a big rock go, and it’s completely smashed the slide playhouse to smithereens.

“Glass in a pre-school is not a good mix. You know what glass is like, you think you’ve cleared it up, and then you find more.”

They have also found empty beer bottles lying around the premises.

A fundraiser has been set up by one of the parents to help cover the costs of repair. It describes the incident and damage caused, saying: “Over the Easter holidays Ivybridge Pre-school was subject to vandalism.

“The window was smashed, and their playhouse was damaged beyond repair. The school have asked for the cost of the playhouse to be covered, and any leftover to help towards the repair of the window.

“If you have children that go to Ivybridge Pre-school, past or present or if you’re someone who has a big heart, please donate as much or as little as you can.

“It would mean so much to the children and the aunties of the school! Thank you so much for reading and please share.”

You can donate to help the pre-school here.

Story by: Plymouth Live


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