Children and staff at Ruddington Day Nursery in Nottingham celebrated after receiving another “outstanding” report from Ofsted.

The nursery will be turning 20 years old in May and is currently looking after 78 children with the support of 24 staff.

Anne Prescott, the owner of the nursery, described the setting as like a family; between children, parents and staff.

She said to Nottinghamshire Live: “Working in childcare is such a big responsibility – we are looking after parents’ most treasured possessions.

“Over the two decades we have operated, parents have come back with their second and third children, and have got to know our loyal and reliable staff.

“This third ‘outstanding’ really is something to shout about, and I’m so happy for the staff who have worked so hard. They are an amazing team.”

The Ofsted report said: “All children flourish within this nursery and they develop incredibly strong bonds with staff” and “the quality of teaching and interactions between the staff and children are remarkable. Staff have a secure knowledge of children’s next steps in learning, which they precisely identify through high-quality assessments.”

Ms Prescott added that on the day of the inspection, the children were very involved in planting an apple tree, from digging a hole to talking about what they could find in the soil, and she believes that “the inspector was very impressed.”

Ruddington Day Nursery follows the ethos of forest schooling, which they introduced ten years ago. Their outdoor space includes a fire pit and an outdoor cabin. They also explore the nearby forest often.

“Children learn to use tools, cook, and climb trees.

“There is a tendency to wrap children in bubble wrap and [they] never get the chance to think for themselves.

“It’s a time for them to enjoy their childhood.”

Story by: Nottinghamshire Live


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