Happy Feet Day Nursery in Coniston Hall has closed after it was labelled “inadequate” in all areas following their latest inspection by Ofsted last month, and after they failed to meet the requirements set out for them following the Ofsted visit.

Ofsted inspector, Anne Cliff, said in the report that: “Children’s safety is significantly compromised” and that “staff do not risk-assess children’s activities.

“They do not consider the potential risks as children play with large hammers and metal tape measures.

“Children are not safe when they play with this equipment because staff fail to supervise them adequately.”

The report also mentions that the doors to premises were unlocked, which meant that children could “easily leave the premises without staff noticing.”

At the time of their inspection, Happy Feet Day Nursery was looking after 36 children from newborn to four years old.

The inspector, who described the setting as “chaotic”, added: “For example, staff do not notice when children need to have their nappies changed and only take them to be changed when this is pointed out to them.

“They delay the opportunity for younger children to sleep because it is not ‘sleep time’.

“This means children are upset and frustrated because they are clearly tired.

“Staff do not motivate children to play, explore and to make new discoveries. Children wander around aimlessly.

“They are bored, restless and not engaged in purposeful play or learning. This leads to a chaotic and disorderly environment.”

According to the report, children were not thriving and were not preparing for their next steps in learning. The only positive note on the report was that the staff provided children with healthy snacks and drinks.

The nursery was issued a Welfare Requirements Notice with a list of required improvements to be met by May 2nd, but failed to meet these as reported by Ofsted, and have now closed as a result.

Story by: Express & Star


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