The Oak Tree Nursery has opened a new garden just in time for the summer.

Children at the nursery revealed the new garden, which includes a new shed, planters, a growing patch and water butts, to their families.

The nursery’s manager, Joanna Allen-Dann, said to Bracknell News: “We had a wonderful day in the sunshine unveiling the new garden area, and can’t wait for all the memories that will be made there.

“Tending to the herbs and vegetables will not only be extremely rewarding but will help to teach the children responsibility in caring for the natural world.”

Childbase Partnership Chairman, Mike Thompson, cut the ribbon on the day of the opening.

The Oak Tree Nursery holds an Eco-School’s bronze award for exceptional environmental awareness and conversation. The nursery is currently trying to improve their green ethos to reach the silver accreditation in the internationally-recognised scheme.

Story by: Bracknell News

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