Little People Nurseries, a family-run nursery chain in Leeds, is celebrating their 30th anniversary.

The five nursery settings have looked after over 3,000 children and trained over 200 nursery nurses since they opened their doors in 1989.

Marguerite Hallas opened the first nursery in a converted Edwardian manor house in Stanningley.

Once the business started growing, Ms Hallas was joined by her husband Geoff; and then their daughter Vicky; with Vicky’s husband, Gary Hallas-Fawcett, joining most recently.

Ms Hallas said: “I’d worked in council-run nurseries, but when I had my own children there was a real shortage of private nurseries in the area, so I decided to start my own. On the first day, I was full of excitement about what I was going to do with my 12 children – painting, sand, water play, lots of stories to be read.

Although the children had different needs, all they wanted was your time and attention, so that is what I gave them, and we grew from there. Those principles still hold strong today.”

Little People Nurseries currently look after over 600 families and employ 120 nursery workers.

Vicky Hallas-Fawcett, who now owns the Little People Nurseries, said: “It was fantastic to celebrate 30 years of the business that my mum founded with so many children, staff and parents, old and new. It is such an achievement to reach 30 years in business, and we’re so proud to have made, and be making, a difference to families’ lives across Leeds and Heckmondwike.

“We are grateful for the support over the past three decades from local businesses and suppliers, and members of our local communities who have helped our business to thrive. Here’s to the next 30 years.”

Story by: Yorkshire Post

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