Across Birmingham, nurseries are contributing £11.5 million a year more than the funding they receive on things like feeding and clothing children.

Birmingham has the highest number of nurseries in the country, and is struggling due to budget cuts, which impact on children and their families.

As reported by Nursery World, analysis conducted by The Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC), in partnership with Birmingham’s nursery schools, shows the benefits of the work nursery schools do, and points out the importance of money being available for them, something they hope will still be available to them in the spending review due later this year.

Local MP, Jack Dromey, and shadow early years minister, Tracey Brabin, launched the report on 25th May at Castle Vale Nursery School.

The report includes case studies to show how nursery schools go above and beyond their budgets to help children, especially those in need of special education and those with disabilities.

It continued to give examples of how other services have not met even the basic needs of children, like providing food and clothing.

As Nursery World reports, one nursery school case study said: “N is developmentally behind his peers and has poor social and emotional development. He needs constant reassurance, nurture sessions and guidance from the educational psychologist…the family needs lots of support…N is not adequately dressed and usually hungry, so we provide a uniform, shoes, coats, breakfast, snacks, lunch and tea.”

The funding for year 2019/2020 has not yet been set, which means that nursery schools across the district fear substantial budget cuts.

The hope is that the report will highlight the amazing work these settings do to ensure every child receives a quality education, is fed, watered, and clothed, with the aim of maintaining funding for their amazing work!

Story by: Nursery World


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